4 Useful Tips for Growing Your Email List Using Social Promotions

It's never a bad thing to get more email subscribers. In fact, according to McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. So what is the fastest way to acquire more subscribers?

One of the most effective ways we've found to generate new subscribers quickly is by hosting a social promotion. If you've never done something like this, that's okay. Here are 4 useful tips to consider:

Partner with a Local Publication

To get started, it's okay to reach out and partner with someone like your local publication that has already built up a solid audience. A collaboration with a business like this can help you get started without to much initial struggle, especially if they can help with design and execution like those publishers that are members of the Locable Publisher Network.

Make Sure to ACTUALLY Ask for Emails

Hosting a social promotion is all about building your email list so this is the most critical part of any campaign you run. This may seem obvious, but if you're running a giveaway on your Facebook timeline this is often overlooked. Make sure you include an opt-in option as part of your entry form which gives you permission to email those that enter after the promotion is over. 

Take Advantage of Facebook

Using Facebook ads to reach more people will help widen your scope and draw more participation, especially if you have a limited initial audience to target. Once you've posted a link to your promotion on Facebook, be sure to boost it. As little as $20, can have a huge impact early on in the promotion. It's also a good idea to incentivize sharing by giving extra entries to those that share the contest. Tools like ShortStack make this super simple.

Close the Loop

Once the promotion is over, be sure to reach out to all participants with a special offer via email while the contest is still top of mind. This offer can lead directly to revenue and new relationships. Make the offer is something they can't refuse!

Still looking for some more examples? See more of our past social promotions here.

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